Clubhouse Model

A Clubhouse is a local community centre that offers people living with mental illness, hope and opportunities to achieve their full potential.  A Clubhouse is a community of people who are working together to achieve a common goal.

Clubhouses worldwide are organized to support people living with mental illness to rejoin the worlds of friendship, family, employment and education.  Clubhouses powerfully demonstrate that people with mental illness can lead productive and satisfying lives.  We offer members:

  • a Clubhouse day in which the talents and abilities of members are recognized and encouraged
  • opportunities to obtain paid employment in mainstream businesses and industries
  • assistance in accessing community-based educational resources
  • assistance in accessing medical, psychological, substance abuse, wellness and other community support resources
  • assistance in securing and sustaining safe, decent and affordable housing
  • access to crisis intervention services when needed
  • participation in consensus-based decision making regarding all important matters relating to the running of the Clubhouse
  • evening/weekend/holiday social and recreational activities and events