Research shows that the mortality rate of people with mental illness is significantly higher than the general population. They
have an increased risk of developing heart disease, stroke, hypertension, and diabetes.  This risk is due to a tendency to eat fattening foods, get little exercise, and have limited access to health care.  Furthermore, people with serious and persistent mental illness have a 25-year lower life expectancy than the general population, and more than half of that difference is related to conditions caused or worsened by smoking.  Also, inadequate health care and poor physical health detract from being our best, succeeding in employment, housing, and sometimes in maintaining friendships.

In an attempt to combat these statistics, Clubhouses encourage a healthy lifestyle by providing opportunities to be physically active and eat a balanced diet.   Lunches are now becoming healthier, and items sold in snackbars often include fruits and vegetables.  Many Clubhouses have daily walks, on-site gym equipment or access to fitness centres.