A core component of the Clubhouse model is providing opportunities for clubhouse members to return to paid competitive employment. Clubhouse members choose from an array of employment options to meet their individual needs. Eligibility for Employment Programs is open to everyone and begins immediately upon the member’s expressed desire to work. Employed members continue to have available all Clubhouse supports and opportunities, including personalized benefits counseling. Clubhouse Employment Programs include:

Transitional Employment

Transitional Employment Placements (TEP) are time-limited (6-9 months), part-time positions which offer Clubhouse members an opportunity to re-engage into the workforce.  Characteristics of TEP include:

  • A variety of job opportunities located in real employment settings
  • As an employee, the member is paid the prevailing wage by the employer
  • Selection and training is the responsibility of Clubhouse Job Placement Managers
  • Job Placement Managers support members on and off the job site, ensure that the work is completed to the employer’s satisfaction and guarantee coverage in the event of employee absence

Supported / Independent Employment

Supported / Independent Employment Placements are full or part-time positions which are not time-limited. Clubhouses assist and support members to obtain, sustain and subsequently, to better their employment. Characteristics include:

  • Identifying job interest, abilities and preferences
  • Resume writing, job applications and interviewing skills
  • On and off-site support based on the needs and desires of the individual
  • Services to create job openings through direct employer contact