Work Ordered Day

Clubhouse is a community in which members and staff work side-by-side as colleagues to manage all operations of the Clubhouse. Typically, a Clubhouse is divided into one or more work units which are responsible for various aspects of Clubhouse functioning, such as Culinary, Administrative and Employment. Members assume important and meaningful roles and responsibilities which promote self-worth, purpose and confidence.

The daily activity of a Clubhouse is organized around a structured system known as the work-ordered day. The work-ordered day is an eight-hour period, typically Monday through Friday, which parallels the typical business hours of the working community where the Clubhouse is located. Members and staff work side by side, as colleagues to perform the work that is important to their community. All of the work in the Clubhouse is for the Clubhouse and not for any outside agency or business. There are no clinical therapies or treatment-oriented programs in the Clubhouse. Members volunteer to participate as they feel ready and according to their individual interests.